It is always important for the agent to help the client understand the market and the procedures the agent will
use to sell their property. Sometimes, however, they are kept in the dark as to what the agent is going to do
for them. We try to give our clients a solid idea of what to expect; what we will do for them and what they can
do for themselves. Here are some of the processes and marketing tools we will use to sell your property.
  • Prepare a competitive market analysis to
    help in your home pricing
  • Take photos of the property.
  • Prepare advertising schedule.
  • Suggest cosmetic improvements.
  • Discuss showing instructions.
Before We List Your Property:
After We List Your Property:
  • Enter listing into MLS database.

  • Enter photos into image gallery of MLS.
  • Place “For Sale” sign and lockbox, if appropriate.
  • 9 of 10 homebuyers use the Internet when searching for a
           home. We list your home on more than 900 websites.

  • When applicable, will also be added to:

  • Schedule to take visual tour of home.
  • Notify agents of new listing and set up agent’s tour date.
  • Promote listing in weekly sales meeting.
  • Set up and promote open house.
  • Submit text and photos for television and newspaper ads.
  • Report activity and feedback to seller.
  • Continuous sales meeting discussions.
After We Sell Your Property:
  • Stand by and assist seller from
    contract to closing.
  • Provide an estimate of closing
  • Coordinate inspections.
  • Meet with appraisers and provide
  • Communicate with the title
    company on any title issues.
  • Aid in scheduling repairs.
  • Review closing checklist with seller.
  • Close and fund the sale.
Once your home is listed with MLS it’s “show time.” Your house and even your way of life are
on stage with the potential buyers who will see them. To keep the property looking its best,
establish a routine to take care of the little details like making the beds each morning,
clearing up the clutter and sprucing up all the spaces. These must be done daily or, in the
case of repeat showings, every few hours. (Houston Assoc. of Realtors) (Texas Listing Services)
Clean walls and paint, if needed, with neutral
colors. Clean windows inside and out. Test all light
fixtures and put in new bulbs. Check all plumbing
fixtures and repair as needed. Provide a pleasant
scent in the house; remove any odors. Make sure
sinks and tubs are shiny and spotless.  Check
caulking in tubs and showers, repair as needed.
De-clutter all closets, attic, basement, garage and
other storage areas. Pare down furnishings to give
your home a more spacious look.
Mow, water and edge lawn carefully, then remove any
grass clippings.  Spruce up flower beds, trim trees
and weed. Clean or paint exterior surfaces,
particularly the front door.  Test all door and window
locks. Inspect screens and screen doors, repair or
replace as needed. Refurbish or replace faded street
numbers. Have roof condition checked by an expert.
Make sure all exterior lighting is in working condition.
Price and condition of a home are the key factors for a successful sale.
Use the below tips to help you as you get ready to put your house on the market.
When your home is to be shown, we will always attempt to make an appointment with you,
giving you as much advance notice as possible. To help make the best impression during
showings,we suggest you:
Showing Tips

Open draperies and curtains to let in natural light.  Turn on enough lights to brighten every corner.  Remove
dirty dishes.  Make beds.  Dust and vacuum; clear clutter.  Clean kitchens and baths so they sparkle; clear
all clutter.  Turn off TV's and radios to cut down distractions.  Remove pets from the house.  Put away or
remove valuables such as jewelry and cash.

The most important element of the home sale is your safety. Avoid talking with prospective buyers during
showings. Let the agent showing your home answer any questions the prospective buyers may have. It is
best for you to leave while the house is being shown. Complete the Seller's Disclosure Statement
accurately and fully, and update it as needed to correctly reflect the condition of your home.
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